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For Sale ($500 obo)


This 1962 Willys Wagon is equipped with a Tornado 6-230 OHC engine, T90 transmission and Dana transfer case. I had been watching this vehicle for about a year and finally found someone around to talk to. 10 minutes later I owned it. I bought it December 2001 and it had been sitting in the same spot since 1983. The pictures below show what it looked like before I bought it. Notice the wheels down in the ground.

The 6-230 was introduced in 1962. This wagon is number 129 ever built. I gentleman I bought it from is the original owner. I need to sit down and talk to him about the history of the vehicle. The Wagon seems to be very complete, so restoration may be in the future. Meanwhile, my plans are carefully inspect the vehicle and soak everything in penetrating oil/ The engine is stuck, the doors don't want to open, the tailgate is frozen. It will be a long process, but should be well worth it.

Below are additional pictures.

Passenger side dash

Instrument panel

Steering wheel - cracked & needs restored


Front Seat

Rear Seats

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