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July 2000 - Project Progress


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In his native element.

And he is HAPPY!

Dash w/radio hole.

Need to cover it.

Bird's eye view of the business end.

Fuses and terminal strip on the firewall behind carburetor.

On passenger side firewall, is a 24 volt conversion for the 24 volt distributor.

Here is a link directly to the 24 volt from 12 volt system.

GM one wire alternator replaced the generator.

Well now he has lights. Kinda nice to be able to see in the dark.

Behind carburetor is the terminal strip and fuse block.

Here you can see the motorcycle battery and the "Magic Box"

The 24 volt distributor is seen better in the next photo.

Firewall ID tags are in place and they match.


24 Volt distributor.

Spark plug wires screw on.

Coil is inside, and dwell is available at tach terminal on left.

Saginaw steering box.

Notice the extended pitman arm with reinforcement.

The steering stabilizer mount is welded on the pitman arm.

Mount for the box is homemade and bolted through the frame.

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