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June 2000 - Project Progress

Well, I made it to The Father's Day Jeep show at the new Jeep Plant. It was hectic the entire previous week. I didn't finish padding and wrapping the roll cage until the night before.

Click here for a link to more photos of the Jeep Show.

(as usual click the image for a larger view - then use the back button on the browser to return)

As I said before, the entire underside is white.

4 driving lights were used for the night obstacle course.

The forward front shocks aren't on yet, but the rears are.

No windshield yet. Never had one.

Seats are from a Ford Escort.

Still need to paint the Willys script.

This will have to wait till the paint is fully cured.

Paint is Tractor Supply, BPS, Massey Red and will be soft for a while yet.

Here it is! 134 cubic inches of pure flathead.

Stock Carter WO carb with a cute little chrome air cleaner.

The hole in the hood was for the snorkle I used going through water.

Notice the spark plugs. The wires are screwed on. Military waterproof ignition system.

Here we have the cockpit.

Gauges are original except the water temp.

Steering column is late 60's vintage GM, connected to a saginaw box.

Electrical conduit coming from the dash goes down to the Kill switch between the seats.

The previous owner cut the dash for a long gone radio. My welding skills aren't sufficent to plug it.

I will need to find a way to cover the hole up.

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