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Sept 2001 - Mighty Mo is proud

In the last year Mighty Mo has some upgrades and additions. He would like to show them to you.


His Name and Willys lettering

Willys Decals by Frank Sanborn

Suspension Lift


Fuel pressure regulator


First on the agenda is his new Windshield.

Since this the first windshield he has ever had he is very excited.

The fact that it is one-piece glass doesn't bother him

He is just glad it says WILLYS

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Mighty Mo proudly displays his name and Willys in 4 places on his skin

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These are decals. Frank Sanborn made these. Frank even installed them for me.

I was afraid I would mess them up. After seeing how easy it was, even I could do it.

To contact Frank for info on decals for your vehicle

just click the link > Frank Sanborn

Click on the image for a larger view. They look much better.

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2 1/2" Suspension Lift will be here as soon as it is done


Mighty Mo now has his first horn.

This was donated by his friend Ole' Blue

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Mighty Mo experienced excessive fuel pressure.

This required a pressure regulator.

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