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April 2002 - Mighty Mo gets new shoes

After a more than quarter century, Mighty Mo finally wore his shoes out. His new shoes are 32x9.50x15 Super Swampers TSL. The old shoes were called Mini-Terra. They were L-78x15 recaps.  They were very aggressive and lasted so long because they didn't see much on road time. Mo rides on a trailer to outings and only sees the road occasionally.

The Swampers, purchased from National Tire, are also very aggressive and I suspect the 32" O.D. to be about all his L134 can pull. They are like a 10% overdrive and with all the rubber that is on the circumference his high range performance is more sluggish. They are 6 ply tires and each tire has a rated capacity of 2330 pounds at 45 psi. With Mighty Mo weighing just about 2300 pounds, I will run 11-12 psi for most trails. In sand or mush I may air down to 6 psi. At this low air pressure, the sidewalls may separate from the wheel. Therefore I installed tubes. National Tire didn't have the tubes. After a short search, I found them at Coker Tire. They are 700/915-15 and laid in the tire-wheel assembly just perfect.

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