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How did Mighty Mo get his name?

When I purchased Mighty Mo, he was a pile of parts. When I got done with him he didn't look half bad. Now I had raced other Jeeps® and didn't feel the necessity of naming them so why now? I suppose peer pressure played a factor. I had friends that were racing and they all had named their race vehicles. Let's see there was the Frantic Frog, Ray's Flyin FORD, the Golden Nugget and many others.

My Jeep® fit into the Stock Flat 4 (SF4) class. This class was considered the slowest vehicles. A reputation largely deserved except in tight greasy obstacle courses. Some tines a SF4 could walk away with fastest time of the day on  some obstacle courses.

Anyway, we had purchased a toy Jeep for our kids. This toy was about a foot long and was powered by a "Centrifugal force" motor. You, or your kid, would push down on the Jeep® and give it a slow steady push forward.  The "Centrifugal force" motor would propel it a long way. As the advertisement says "One push and it goes ........... not fast .......... but far. Humm, that sure sounds appropriate for a 60 horse power flathead 4 cylinder. The name of the toy was Mighty Mo.

I have since found several Mighty Mo toys from the 70's. Below are some pictures. I hope you enjoy. By the way, yes I still push them around. We never grow up!


Pictures to follow



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