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Remove the carb from the engine, and determine what pieces are included in the rebuild kit you will use. I used the Carburetor Shop kit. This kit includes the accelerator pump check valves, idle jet, metering jet and the accelerator pump plunger / return spring. It also includes all the gaskets and seals needed. Next assemble the tools you will need to do the job. I have some screw drivers that I have ground to just slip into the holes where the juts are located. In addition to the tools shown below, I use a "number drill set" to check orifice sizes. These drill ONLY are used for checking hole size and never drilling holes.

I disassembled the entire carb. This ISN'T necessary. All the jets can be cleaned and checked for size without removal. I would suggest only removing what you will replace unless there is a specific reason for removal.

In as much as there were no instructions in the rebuild kits, I referred to my Factory Service Manual (FSM) for disassembly.

I start from the top (air horn) and work my way down to the base (throttle body). Being very careful to place all parts in an organizes manner. Even though this is a single venturi (one barrel), there are a lot of small parts.

Click on pictures for a larger version.

Here are the tools I used. A good set of screw drivers is required.

This spring actually opens the choke plate.

This shows how the choke spring is installed.

During disassembly note how things were assembled.

Inside the fuel feed port is the end of the "seat" portion of needle & seat

During disassembly, look for problems like this gasket that probably was leaking.

Good gasket - deformed gasket

This is the idle jet, it is fed from the bottom of the bowl

Fuel flows up the idle tube.

These are the accelerator pump check valves

This is the accelerator pump discharge nozzle

Main jet and backup screw. Notice copper gasket around main jet.

Parts asociated with Air Horn

Parts associated with main body.

Parts associates with the throttle body.


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