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Bowl Cover

This contain all, except for the idle mixture screw,  the adjustments necessary on this carburetor. They are the float, and metering rod position.

Click on pictures for a larger version.

This is the accelerator pump parts and metering rod

Accelerator pump plunger installed with link, showing the pump drive spring.

Link is held on with this clip

Accelerator pump is now installed onto bowl cover.

This is the metering rod spring. Notice the spring goes through the hole in the metering rod. Clip holds the metering rod on the pin.

The spring holds the metering rod down against the pin and allows the metering rod to float up when it contacts the metering jet.

Before setting metering rod, back out the throttle stop screw to allow the throttle plate to seat in the closed position.

This is the special tool resting in the metering orifice. It will be used to set the position of the metering rod pin.

Here is the accelerator pump spring.

Here the accelerator pump spring is installed.

This is the pin resting on the metering rod setup gauge. Assemble the bowl cover and gasket to the bowl and tighten securely. (ignore wrench for now)

This is the accelerator pump linkage. It also moves the metering rod.

Install the linkage as shown and attach with a hair pin clip.

Install the accelerator pump linkage on the throttle linkage and hold in place with the spring clip,

Ok, here goes! While holding the throttle closed and the pin against the metering rod gauge tighten the nut on the pin.

Remove bowl cover, put gauge in safe place and get ready to install and set the float.

Here are the float parts.

The seat is now installed. The 3 piece needle is shown in assembly opder

Assemble the needle and install in the seat.

Here is the float resting on he springloaded needle.

A 3/8" spacer is used for a gauge. A dowel pin or drill shank works well also. Note - Gasket NOT installed

This tang is bent slightly to position the float at precisely 3/8" from bowl cover (without gasket)

Once the float is set install the gasket.

Install metering rod as previously shown reinstall bowl cover.


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