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Throttle Body

Now the parts are all clean, you know what new parts you are going to be used, and everything is organized for assembly. What, the previous sentence is not true?  STOP!! Do what is required to make that sentence true.  OK. Now you are ready for assembly.

In as much as I started disassembly with the air horn and finished with the throttle body, Let's start assembly with the throttle body, proceed to the main body, then the bowl cover and finish with the air horn.

Click on pictures for a larger version.

This is the trottle body and the associated parts. If you have a vacuum adviance distributor, the 1/8" pipe plug will be a vacuum fitting.

The parts are assembled as shown. Turn the idle mixture adjustmet screw in all the way and back it out 1 1/2 turns. That's a good starting place.

Set the throttle body aside and on to the main body.


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