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You will need tools to rebuild the Carter WO carburetor. There is only one "special tool" required. The rest are either common tools or easily made from common tools. There is one item that is highly recommended that is a Factory Service Manual. These are available, as a reprint, for your vehicle from the various Willys sources.

The float setting gauge can be anything 3/8" (0.375"). I used a 3/8" lathe tool bit, but a non worn down 3/8" drill shank works well also.

The special straight shank screw drivers can be made from a regular screw driver by grinding off the wedge. Be careful fit the screw driver to the inside diameter of the screw threads with a little clearance but not so much as to allow the flat to not drive both sides of the jet or screw.

The one special tool required is a metering rod gauge. This is available from The Carburetor Shop or can be made from the sketch I have provided. Accuracy is very important when this is made. Carter probably manufactured this within +/- 0,001". A skilled machinist should be able to make this from the sketch provided.

Click on pictures for a larger version.

Full assortment of tools used

Left to right. 2 screw holding screwdrivers; regular screw driver; 2 straight shank screw drivers; 2 small wire brushes

Drawing of home made metering rod seting tool



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