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Parts kits:

I purchased two rebuild kits. I have previously used the kits from The Carburetor Shop and have been very happy with them. However this time I also purchased a kit from Krage Motor Sports

Both kits were supplied without instructions or a metering rod gauge. If you have a Factory Service Manual the instructions are quite good. However without the metering rod setting gauge the metering rod can't be set properly and this is a major problem

The kit from The Carburetor Shop is made in the U.S.A. and of excellent quality and would do for most rebuilds I have done. One item that would be nice to include is the base gasket with diffuser.

The kit from Krage Motor Sports is an Omix Ada and probably made off shore. However it is considerably more complete. If you are going to "bring one back from the dead" or need to install bushings for the throttle or choke this kit has the throttle and choke plate screws. One obvious omission from this kit is the Idle Mixture adjustment screw. This screw sometimes gets damaged by a mechanic over-tightening it.

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The Carburetor Shop Rebuild Kit

Krage Motor Sports Master Rebuild kit


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