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Main Body

The main body is where most of the action is.

Click on pictures for a larger version.

The large hole is the main jet passageway. (viewed from bottom of main body)

Main jet. Notice angle cut on end, flats and washer. The flats align with mating flats in the passageway. Gasket seals inside.

Notice the angle cut on the end of the main jet is flush with the venturi.

Main Jet backup screw. This holds the main jet in place and causes the seal to seal. Tighten securely but don't damage drive slots.

After installing Main jet and backup screw, install the backup screw and new gasket.

Accelerator pump jet and installiation location.

Here the accelerator pump is installed. (Viewed from the bottom)

Notice this cover screw has a tapered seal and doesn't require a gasket. This carb had two of this style cover screw.

Accelerator pump jet cover screw installed.

Accelerator pump check valves, screen and cover plug ready for installation.

This is the accelerator pump screen on a 'J' drill to assure a round screen priot to installiation.

Accelerator pump screen installed in cover screw

This is the way the screen will be once installed.

Here is the two accelerator check valves and screen as they will function in the carb.

Accelerator pump cover screw installed

Idle jet and passageway. This feeds from the lower portion of the fuel bowl.

Here is the idle jet installed before the Idle tube is installed.

This long skinny tube is the idle tube. It is pointing to it's passageway.

This shows the idle tube installed and the cover screw is laying on the bench.

After the idle tube is installed, you can see both the idle jet and the end of the idle tube in the idle jet passageway.

Idle jet cover installed.

Idle tube cover installed

Metering orifice and passageway inside fuel bowl.

Here the metering orifice is installed in the fuel bowl.

Congratulations You have finished the main body.


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