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Tailgate Spare on CJ2a

Tailgate MB Spare Tire Mount on CJ2a

Tailgate spare tire mount CJ2aShown here is a MB spare tire mount attached to a Willis CJ2a tailgate both with and without the tire mounted.

Notice a few things:

  • The MB tire mount fits nicely between the CJ2a tailgate stamping.
  • The tailgate is held closed by a small bolt just above the chain hook on the passenger side of the tailgate.
  • The majority of the weight of the spare tire rests on the right bumperette.
  • The bumperette on the left, under the gas can is mounted upside down so that the tang does not scrape.
  • The bumperette on the right has had the tang removed.
  • The center of the bumperettes have been reinforced with a U shaped bracket to strengthen the bummperette from trail damage. Notice the head of the carriage bolt in the center of the bumperette. The base of the U is flat and the upper ends of the U are bent at a 90 degree angle to match up with the bumperette bolt holes.

Here is the MB Spare tire Mount without the tire

Here is the Jeep with the tire mounted resting on the trimmed bumperette


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