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I deceded to make Willy a bit more presentable.

Here is my progress

July 10,2010

Front - Side view

Fenders, hood and grill fit quite well

Dauntless 225 V6

The Dauntless 225 V6 is IMHO the single best engine for a CJ -- Flat or Round fender

Rear - Side view

The hole locations are really close to the center of the underside ribs.

The transfercase hole needed whittling and still needs more

The T150 may have shifted the transmission and transfercase forward. The good news is the bellhousing clears the firewall.

T150 is forward and will require whittling of the cover.

The T1150 is a full syncro 3 speed. Even 1st grea is syncronized. No more complete stop to get back into 1st gear.




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