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Well, I bought this for the parts, As you can see there isn't much left of the body. It has a 6-230 OHC Tornado engine 3 speed trans (column shift) and transfer case. I suspect the transfer case is a D20 but the shifter is is on the drivers side of the hump and the front differential is offset to the right. Axles are unknown

Everything is for sale except the backing plates and hubs. These are destined for one of my CJ2As.


I will need to turn it over to get the axles / brakes out.

If you see something that strikes your fancy, email me at Ric@MightyMo.org

Driver's Floor


Right front - Rear door glass MIA. The rest of the glass is not broken.

Interesting t-case shifter is on the left side of the hump.

Warn hubs

Left side of engine. Carb is "rebuidable"

Hydraulic clutch and remote power brakes

Motorola alternator and power steering pump

Right-front of engine

Right side of 230 OHC - Engine seems to have pistons stuck. PB Blaster is applied and I will work on freeing the engine up.

Plugs are our because I was applying PB Blaster. (they are reinstalled now)

Dash showing a "Realistic" radio. I suspect this is aftermarket.

Fan from the 230 OHC.

Radiator - unknown condition

Well.... I do know one side is loose. It could be brazed back in place.

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